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Disel has an all white coat with black ears and a black band around his coat tails. He weighs around 6 pounds and will be a sturdy muscular adult at 14-15 pounds.  He loves to gallop around the room and get your attention, even if he has to bark. He is a sweet puppy and is full of fun and he is so easy to love.
Rocket is a lttle guy, weighing at 4 pounds. He is expected to be around 8-10 pounds as an adult. He has a silky coat which may change to redish gold. This little guy is super sweet, and is both playful and independent. 
It is fun to watch him run because he throws his feet up when running like a Show  dog.  I really like this little guy.
D​iamond has excellent conformation and and a macho attitude. This little guy weighs about 4 pounds and  may weigh around 11-12 pounds when an adult. He is definately show quality and would be the perfect puppy for children too.
 ​photos?- We can’t help it - this cuteness must be shared!!  🤗 MORE PICTURES COMMING SOON!
Our puppies carry the genes of SHOW CHAMPIONS! 
We offer high  quality puppies and potential show puppies!!
Our puppies have  sweet dispositions , good confiirmation and beautiful coats​​

 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​DAD:   CHANCE                                                                                                                       
 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ MOM: CHRISSY

Need to know  

We strive to be reputal breeders and choose to be sure your puppy is the perfect fit for your family. We are a conscientious breeders and are aware of the common health care problems of the Shih Tzu breed.

THESE PUPPY'S ARE READY YO GO TO THERE NEW FOREVER HOMES .They will have been given an intensive health review by a liscensed Veternarian. They will have their dew-claws clipped, and be up to date with vaccines and deworming.

We provide our new parents with a 2-year health guarantee and offer delivery of there puppy up to 400 miles,should it be needed. New parents sign a contract to have the puppy spay/neuter at 4-6 months old. Then we ship our new parents their AKC  registration papers and we adopt our new parents into our family. 

We invite you to visit our home and kennel. 

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